Women Empowerment Essay

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“Set her wings on fire, For she is born to fly, Empowerment is her right, And a woman she is, Songs in her heart, She hops on to a new leap, With the vision of her glorious future” Ages have passed and ages have come, since women have been worshipped as the goddess treading the earth. Ages have passed and ages have come, since woman have been veiled away from the center stage of life, maybe the world was afraid the words of a woman will bring about a revolution that none could handle. Ages have passed and ages have come, since women were denied the basic right to education, maybe the Manusmriti was too overbearing on the society. Ages have passed and ages have come, since the only hymns dedicated to woman were of beauty and worship, maybe she was just too surreal to have any real emotion, logic and wisdom…. Or was it that the world was too entrapped in the satire that it enshrined on the lives of these women!!! Just a thought…. Women are the free spirits who cannot be enshrined for long. They too have a right to be heard, understood and be real. Their beauty is not meant for being veiled, their natural intelligence not something to be shrouded over. This very belief instigated the revolutionary “farman” that the world of women awoke to in the west, the Women Suffrage. Centuries of consumed anger, motivated the women to finally claim a place for themselves in this world, which had long forgotten to even courteously ask for their opinions. A series of campaigns for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay and against any kind of abuse and harassment the women were long subjected to. The women finally reached out to break the glass ceiling and proclaim what was theirs to proclaim. It has been a long story since then. The world has often woken up to the valor and determination of character of the women. Women like

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