Women Education In India Essay

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WOMEN EDUCATION IN INDIA _ presented by HARIS.MADAPPALLY ( Education is a reasonably good indication of development and the right of every individual to education is one of the first provisions of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. ( Recently education has received greater priority as planners and policy makers finally recognized it as a key factor in determining the pace of development ( Women in India constitute 50% of the country’s human resources and their contributions are vital for the nation’s progress. ( But the magnitude of illiteracy among women is very high. Only 53.7% of women are literate as per 2011 census. Even though the education system expanded very rapidly, the gender gap in literacy remains conspicuous by its presence. ( The constitution confers on women, equal rights and opportunities in all fields and the Government has endorsed the same through its plans, policies and programmes. ( In spite of all these, women in India have not been able to take full advantage of their rights and opportunities in practice for various reasons. ( Dr. Radhakrishnan Commission Report referred that: i. Women present education is entirely irrelevant to the life they have to lead. It is only a waste but often a definite disability. ii. The present system of women’s education, based as it is upon men’s needs, does not in any way make them fit for coping with the problems of daily life. iii. The modern educated Indian woman is neither happy nor contented nor socially useful. She is highly suppressed, and needs opportunities for self expression. The new education must provide this opportunity. ( The constitution introduced in 1950 included a number of important provisions which had direct and indirect bearing on education. After two years the country entered in to a new era of planned

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