Women Discrimination Essay

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Women Discrimination The problem of women discrimination still remains one of the most calling problems in today’s society. Although the boom in publicity around the feminist movement has a little calmed down and the female stratification gets significantly less attention than one or two decades ago, this problem still exists. Another trap concerning the female gender stratification is that it is often associated with the countries of the third world and the countries with non-democratic society. It is clearly a prejudice to think that there is no female discrimination in the developed regions such as US and Europe. Although the conceptions about the gender and the degree of discrimination vary from one country to another, everywhere in the world we find an absolute predominance of patriarchy, a form of social organization, in which males dominate females. This concept of domination is proved not only by observations of individuals, but is also assessed and analyzed by different kinds of research. Likewise, the recent United Nations research study1 has analyzed the different factors of social prevalence (prosperity, health, decision making power, political activity, etc.) and has synthesized the data into a special index: a scale ranging from 0 to 1, describing the situation when women have no power and when women have as much power as men, respectively. According to the research, US, Canada, Australia, China, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and Norway have the highest scores of 0.6 to 0.75. However, this fact brings us to a sad conclusion: even in the most developed countries of the world women have no more than ¾ power of the men. Women of Spain, Italy, Hungary, and other European countries have 0.45 to 0.59 – about a half of men’s power. The most of South America, as well as in France and Poland, women enjoy only little more than a third (0.35 – 0.45). Greece,

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