Women Deserve Equal Price Money

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Men get paid more money from sponsorship, clubs, and tournaments than women. People have been arguing about how women deserve equal prize money. The debate comes from both sides of the story, negatives and positives. Money is given to athletes in sports who are the best, some believe that as men are faster they should be paid more, while others believe that women deserve the same amount. In Australia some of the highest paid athletes are football players while female sports do not get paid as much. Sponsorships given to athletes form a large part of their earning, major companies would rather support those athletes that are most popular and successful. Many professional athletics approve that women deserve equal prize money because they just work as hard as men. Women deserve equal prize money because women are as capable and valuable as men and they should be treated as such and the Equality has been written into law many times and is an important social value that is taught in school, media and most homes from early childhood so they deserve equal prize money for sports. They also believe that they should get paid equal prize money because males and females are just the same but if they judge them regarded to racial, gender or otherwise it’s called discrimination. Evidence according to Nicol David who won the 2013 US open Squash and collect the same prize money as the men’s championship. Women should get the same pay, but only for the same sports, hours or sets. Other professional athletics disagree with the opinion that women deserve equal prize money because men are more talented than women, therefore the entertainment industry pays its performers based on level of talent and success. They also reflect that it do not seem fair at all if women get paid equal prize money because men perform at a far higher level than women do. This is a well-known fact, as

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