Women Between the Past and the Present Essay

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Women between the past and the present one are often under pressure from the community, as things whose liberty is restricted somewhat, our East is different from the rest community. To take an example illustrates the pressure on women and thinking: most of the old women — a role Sam in my view-limited to the home and raising children, she is a princess in her house, her husband's trust, give her the money and slaves to get it, for the comfort of his home, and his supplies, had no role other than attention to this small Kingdom and its people, the children, the men were seen in the same stewardship and sees his wife and weaknesses together, strength, start-up From her home, and assist him without overloading, and weaknesses arising from the permanent need for him. This old. More recently, have changed the situation much, and thinking of men and women differently, the gap, and changed the Outlook, and the women look to men as negative freedom, although it won him a bit in the viewModern woman-when released, and went out to work and exercised many rights that were denied them, in spite of all this, they are still not satisfied, while men-against which began to feel clammy, and seen her look uneasy, dimension, and overlapping conflicts this side, and on the other: a failure in the right home and the right. If we look a closer look at the neutral role of the modern woman, said: have you ever felt women after this development in turn? Do you become happier? Observed-and that does not hide any sane: the women pull their burden, become the mother's role, and the role of the wife, and the third is the role of political role, and IV role, v. the role of the father! I'm not against these new roles if it would cause the rest — akhalha rest-but I've found the suffering has sharpened, and restrictions abounded, but increased the shortcomings, and
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