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Women Are Better Listeners Essay

  • Submitted by: ambref05
  • on January 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Minor writing assignment 1: Deciding Pro/Con
        Women are better listeners then men


1. They give you advice from their own experiences.
2. They have a women’s perspective on things which is even good for you fellows.                  
3. Women listen intently.
4. Show compassion.
5. They are actually listening not focused on food or games all the time.


1. Can be pushy and all knowing!
2. Could be just pretending to listen.
3. Annoying at times.
4. Loud and crying.
5. They talk way too much about one thing.


I don’t think that women are necessarily better listeners then men, They just use more words and share on their own experiences. Although yes they can talk to much or tend to stretch the conversation out to it’s extent. I think they just have a completely different outlook on things, a more sensitive outlook, An outlook that lets face it “What women want to hear“. Women usually just sugar coat everything so they don’t hurt feelings which is where the more sensitive outlook comes into play. Where as men are usually “ A man of few words” I Believe though that if you read in between these few words you will see exactly what they are trying to say, that they are really listening, and that they do care, We women just usually want to hear all good things and well, Men aren’t going to do that. That is until they realize they shouldn’t have said it like that then kiss ( for lack of a better term) “butt”. The point that I am trying to get across to you all is that women aren’t better nor worse listeners, They just show a lot more sympathy and let you know that they are listening. I can sit there and say “yeah” and “uh-huh’s” while you talk, But at the same time I could be thinking about what I’m going to wear tonight, Or the errands I have to run and then just end the conversation with an “I know how you feel” and an “ I’m here for you if you need me” and be done with it. Women just seem like better listeners...

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