Women and the Roles the Play: What Differences Does It Make That Men Have Several Wives?

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English 211 Professor: Tyson Ward Thesis on Things Fall Apart Women seem to play a minor role in everyday life, but their function in the community is just as important as that of the men. Men and women are two different extremes; men being stronger, tougher and more controlling, while women are meek, thoughtless and easily dominated. The main role that was given to women was that they belonged in the home and for the most part they were to be seen and not heard. Women are viewed to be very gentle and caring. They are expected to take care of their offspring with the best of their ability. Women are trusted totally by their children. Their influence and authority do not exist much in that culture, especially for the wives of Okonkwo who has three wives and eight children and all who lives in the same compound. Each wife is responsible of cooking him three different meals. Okonkwo presided over all of his wives and children with a heavy hand. When Ikemefuna comes to live in Okonkwo’s household, the first wife questions the length of the boy's stay. In response he answers her, 'Do what you are told, woman, ‘When did you become one of the ndichie of Umuofia?' (Pg. 14). Okonkwo not only manages to put his first wife in check, but also makes a reference to the village elders. He is suggesting that she was trying to be more knowledgeable than she should be. This custom is still prevalent in today society in some Africans culture but mostly amongst Muslim religion. It is acceptable for a man to have up to seven wives as long as he can take care of her financially and emotionally and his other wives. During the harvest season, the women of the village provided most of the task force behind planting and maintaining the crops. In keeping with the Ibo view of female nature, wife beating was very common and still is in society today. Men were not punish for beating their

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