Women And The Rise Of Raunch Culture Analysis

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As a person who came to America very little, it was hard to identify myself as who I was. I came into the United States when I was 6 months old, and my parents were just married. Going through elementary school and middle school it was hard for me to figure out who I was, or where I stand. I believe that people who move to the United States make an effort to integrate with the larger society. Having a group of people move to our country and isolate their selves really doesn't benefit us or them. If they don't want to identify themselves as an American why move here? Based on the articles Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture and The End of White America, there are different ways people who come to America find a way to succeed and how there…show more content…
In this 21st century the sudden popularity of phenomena such as pole dancing, vaginal "rejuvenation" surgery, and it analyses women's apparent willingness not just to accept this culture, but actively to participate in it; taking up pole dancing as a hobby, for instance, or visiting strip clubs, leering and bearing along with the male audience. Levy defines these as "women who make sex objects of other women and of us". Yes in most of the Hip-Hop music video they use females and they dressed provocatively where they wear short-shorts so you can see their butt checks hanging out, and a bikini top twice the size smaller and they are considered a “hot babe.” Levy relates our embracing culture to unresolved tensions thirty years ago between the sexual revolution and the women’s movement, and amongst feminists; at discovering the conflicts with disgust at pornography’s objectification of women. For example some people use Facebook as the next big thing where they post nude pictures and have all the guys hitting on them, and giving them the wrong type of attention they seek for. Since Facebook is viral and used all around the world and is free for those who choose to create an account has the access of uploading what they choose to upload. Some girls would post pictures in their bikinis showing off their body, or pictures in wearing shirts that cover up very little of their bodies. This too I consider it as being kiddy porn on the internet just as much as it is considered as producing porn to the public. According to the author Levy says that the women who participate in these types of parties lack feminism and the objectivity of being a woman. In my opinion I believe that women who come to America and become strippers or work for private clients do it for the money and attention. Even though, sometimes they do it because they had a hard

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