Women and the Mexican Revolution Essay

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Elizabeth Mayfield Mrs. Sanchez SPA-111-IN1 February 20, 2013 Women in Mexico Before and After the Mexican Revolution Throughout the history of Mexico, women have changed the most. Most people wonder why women are always the ones changing the most throughout history. Mexico’s women have evolved a lot throughout the years. While reading I want you to think about the Mexican Revolution. Do you know anything about it? So, how much do you know? Back to the women, how do you think they have changed since the Mexican Revolution? First I would like to start by giving some detail about the Mexican Revolution. It was from 1910 till 1920. The Mexican people were getting tired of the dictator rule of President Porfino Diaz. It was not just one social class wanting to start a revolution, it was all of them. Each class had their own problem with the way the Diaz ran Mexico. The upper and middle class were unsatisfied with the President’s ways, and the lower and working class people had many problems such as poor working environments, inflation, inferior housing, low wages, and deficient social services. Not only were the men fighting, but the women and even the children were fighting. They all wanted to be free from Diaz. Although they wanted to be free of Diaz, it was not always like that in Mexico. When Diaz was first put into his reign, he was almost the ideal man for the job. He had great intentions for Mexico. Their government was much better, and he even got rid of crime. Governors were dispatched to various areas of Mexico. The Mexican Army was made stronger. The people that had the power were the ones who became wealthy. The rest were poor. Finally, all the classes were tired of it and wanted him out. The war ended in 1920. Before the revolution were woman who had lived her life constantly in the male shadow. Family, marriage, and the Catholic Church, and

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