Women and Men Essay

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Equality of women and men has been disputed for many years. Some people consider that this kind of equality is impossible because of their gender differences while ithers say the exact respect. Although women and men are equal before the law,they are differences in the creation. This differences are physical,biological and social life. First of all biological difference. Women and men are very different structure such as the functioning of hormones, frame of mind and instict. Hormonal difference is feminine characteristic. For example, while the men can not get pregnant, women can get pregnant. This is one of the most pbvious difference. Also women and men has different perspectives on of a some topic. Because women thinks more emotional , men thinks more logical. In addition to, women have a maternal instict and more compassionate but men have sense of protection and ownership. To sum up the most important differences include biological properties. Secondly physical differences. There is a striking physical differences between men and women. For example the average male height taller than the average women height and body weight of males is higher than females. Furthermore while men have more muscle ratio, women have more fat ratio. In addition to, men to be over 30% stronger than women. All these differences in external appearance distinguishes women from men. Finally differences in social life. Another difference gradually disappeared in today is social differences. For example men take an active role than women in works life. Women are more prone to having.in addition to, according to our society while the women have responsibility of allhouse, men , in general assumes the financial responsibility of house. Another example women are more restricted in social field but men are more free in this regeral. Although these differences do not significant appear

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