Women And Bud Light In The 1920's

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Women and Bud Light In the 1920’s the 18 th amendment was put into action and it banned the use of alcohol in the United States. Before the 1920’s the Women’s Christian Temperance Union pledged to ban alcohol and to improve morals. At about the same time as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union the anti- Saloon League was formed and women were behind it, because men was spending all of their money on alcohol and that destroyed families and marriages. Nowadays beer companies are promoting beer to more women then men, because they feel that women are more independent and attractive now and that they drink more than men. The ad with the slogan “ How to get the bartender’s attention” is saying that some women…show more content…
This ad could be meant for women also, because it says that if you drink Bud Light you will live the good life. How can drinking a Bud Light which is an alcoholic beverage be good for a woman? What if the woman is pregnant would it still be good for her life? In the next ad which has the slogan “ Time flies when you’re having Bud Light” the women are dancing along with men with Bud Light in their hands . Also in this ad the women are attractive and thin. It also has that the alcohol beverage is just 110 calories. I would say that this ad could appeal to women because it is 110 calories and that she will burn off those 110 calories when she is dancing. In today’s society even though more women are drinking they should not have to bribe someone to give them a drink when that person thinks that they can’t catch their eye because of their looks. If the Bud Light company thinks that women have to prove that they have money to catch the bartender’s eye then women should not drink that beer, because the companie’s quote “How to get the bartender’s attention” is just saying that women need to be more attractive and that if a woman is not attractive

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