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IT’S YOUR TIME NOW TO ARISE AND EMBRACE YOUR PROPHETIC DESTINY! Today, we are in the finest hour of the church and women are part of this great move of God. Today the church is Predominantly female Statistics seem to say so. The Barna Research Group found that women are significantly more likely to go to church. In a 2000 survey, 45 percent of women said they attended a Christian service during the previous week, compared to 35 percent of men. | Joan Gray Moderator of Presbyterian Church (USA) | Women are twice as likely as men to be involved in discipleship activities at church, the study found. Also, 50 percent more women than men said they'd attended adult Sunday school the previous week. One in seven women said they'd served in a leadership role at church, not including the role of pastor; 9 percent of men have held leadership positions. Barna conducted the phone surveys of 4,755 Americans age 18 or older. A Duke University study of congregational life found that the typical adult audience at a U.S. congregation is 61 percent female. The U.S. population is 51.1 percent female. In Presbyterian Church (USA) churches, almost half of elders and 70 percent of deacons are female, according to 2004 statistics. Although males continue to dominate as senior ministers, increasing numbers of women are becoming ministers. More than one in five United Methodist Church's clergy members are female, for instance. At seminaries accredited by the Association for Theological Schools, about one-third of students are female. Some seminaries have more females than males. Here what the Bible tells us about this phenomina. Many have answered the call and embraced the destiny ordained for them by God. In the book of Joel 2:28 it says, “that in the last days I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and my sons and daughters shall prophesy. However,

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