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I have attended an event put together by woman on Wednesdays. The topic was on popular culture and how it relates to woman and feminism presented by Dr. Berila. The presentation was about how woman are presented in popular culture. Due to the fact that media plays an important role in creating popular culture many pictures were shown in the presentation that were publicized in magazine advertisements as well as other media. Some of the pictures appeared to be quite shocking to me in terms of how woman are being degraded from human beings down to objects. The presentation was in line with the study of feminism. The purpose of this presentation was to draw attention to the treatment and public image that is being created by popular culture. One could argue that this presentation perfectly reflected feminist values, not because the presentation called for an end of humiliating treatment of woman in media, which it did not, but because it simply portrayed the image of woman in our culture and therefore was meant to spark a critical thinking process in the audience. Since the feminist movement has only little influence to change societal view by itself it has to draw public attention, cause people to question certain behaviors and images and change society through a critical mindset. The event addressed classical feminist issues such as the gender inequality between men and woman. Dr. Berila pointed out that woman today are spectators of an own portrayed image. In 2001, only 10 percent of executive positions were staffed with woman in the media industry. This is particularly important since this industry is crucial when it comes to creating an image of woman in our popular culture. Even in Hollywood, women are less presented than in the U.S. Congress. The presenter continued to reveal in numerous other examples the existing inequality relevant to woman.

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