Woman Have It Harder Than Men Essay

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Delores Professor Davies English 1 24 April 2012 Females Have it Harder than Males In today’s day and age, women have to work twice as hard to keep up with the men. According to Steven Hinshaw, girls have it harder than boys because of the Triple Bind. In many parts of society being a woman means to hold the house down, but be all she can be in all areas of her life, and look unrealistically appealing at the same time. The Triple Bind does exist and it makes it tough for the female to keep up with the preconceived expectations. Steven Hinshaw correctly identifies the unachievable expectations females face in “What is the Triple bind?”, which outlines the challenges females face; furthermore, females have it harder than males when it comes to household duties, sexual assault, and pay rate as a working woman. The Triple Bind can drive a female into depression and self destruction. The pressures that younger and older females go through is becoming a crisis. It is impossible to be perfect at everything, and at the same time put on a façade as if everything is under control. Steven Hinshaw, a professor of psychology at the University of Berkley, gives clear examples on the true meaning of the Triple Bind. Hinshaw writes: Today’s girls face not only a double but actually a Tripled Bind: a set of impossible, contrary expectations. Our teenage girls feel baffled, distressed, and overwhelmed as they try to meet these ever more punishing demands. They responded with a lower age of onset depression, increases in aggression and violence, and skyrocketing rates of self-mutation, binge eating, and suicide. They have also responded by sacrificing key proportion of their identities, developing feelings of self hatred, and becoming overwhelmed with a general sense of pressured confusion (301). These standards are unrealistic and can lead to complete failure.

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