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Women at Point Zero By: Nawal El Saadawi Zed Books Ltd 1983 Non-Fiction Why did you choose this book? I chose this book because when I read the back of the book I thought it was very peculiar, so I began reading it and the psychologist who tells the story was very eager to see how this women ended up in prison, so soon I became eager and I bought it. About the Person Firdaus is a woman trying really hard to get the respect she wants in life. In the book Firdaus not only fights for her own destiny but she also is trying to find out who she is in life, but she has little time to explore. Most of Firdaus’s life no one cared about what she wanted but what the men wanted. At one point in her life she lives in opposition to the men in her life. What have I learned? In our society we would look at a photo of a ghetto and most likely would say that it is a lower class community with a high crime rate. That stereotype may be true but the real question is what kind of crime? Is it fraud, drugs, robbery or even prostitution? Many of us think of these crimes as being committed only in the slums of our cities but as we read in the book Woman at Point Zero, by Nawal El Saadawi, these moral questioning acts happen even in the privileged communities. The main character Firdaus commits some of these crimes and even murder at the expense of the elite society; while at the same time helping the social non-elite through financial donations. In the end she would have to pay the price within the moral and legal law. The author Nawal El Saadawi interviews Firdaus the day that she is scheduled to be executed for the murder. In that interview Firdaus discusses her life story, how that shaped her and eventually aided in her killing of a man. During the interview she explains her reasoning for the murder which in plain terms was committed

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