Woman and Mass Media Essay

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WOMEN AND MASS MEDIA ASSIGNMENT Submitted to: Dr Marx By: Ashna Jacob MA English Ist year Women and the media is subject that serve as a mirror of women’s empowerment. There’s a strong connection between women’s media and women’s empowerment. What are the strengths of women as media specialists? They are more observant than men, they are more sensitive to unfairness and injustice than men, and they communicate better than men. Further, women are more effective than men in drawing people out, getting them to speak. They are more effective interviewers than men, particularly when the subject is a celebrity. One reason is that women have easy access to the celebrity’s wife, daughter, sister or mother – who is often the best sources of rare nuggets of information. The status of women in the Indian media has undergone a tectonic shift. In the 1960s, most newspapers did not even have a single woman. But gradually, the prejudice against women in newspapers weakened. Newspapers in India started hiring women as reporters and subeditors. But they faced difficult working conditions. There was no separate toilet for them, and a girl reporter often had to go down three floors or go up four floors to find a ladies’ toilet. Also there was no provision for maternity leave! They had to fight for it before they got it! Some newspapers peremptorily divided three months of maternity leave into six weeks before the baby, six weeks after the baby. If the lady said, "I want only one week before the baby and seen weeks after the baby," managements didn’t agree. Women had complaints about unequal pay and work conditions. Women were often given low-fee contracts, not absorbed on the staff. And women were always assigned soft stories – flower shows, gallery shows, fashion shows, beauty contests, book launches, film and drama reviews. They were thrown crumbs from the reporting

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