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The Perfect Woman The image of a perfect woman portrayed by popular media has changed over the years. There have been many versions of the perfect woman and many descriptions. These descriptions change with what popular media was claiming to be relevant at the time, what was perceived to be attractive, and what was valued in a woman in the timeframe. With time, the perfect woman has been portrayed in popular media as an object and not a whole person. This portrayal will continue to change as popular media continues to present material things as perfection. Popular media has created a materialistic image of what a perfect woman should be. There are a few parts to the perfect woman portrayed in popular media. What is the most important? Is it the appearance, the possessions or the overall package? Popular media has created an image that young women feel they needed to achieve, even if it was unhealthy and unethical. With all the TV shows that are out there in the makeover genre, women with minor flaws believe they must make extreme changes to their appearance to be perfect. (Merrick, 2004) I have focused on the appearance of the perfect woman in popular media. The type of shows referenced above feed on the women’s lack of confidence in their appearance. These shows make young women that may have minor, insignificant defects in their appearance feel more self conscious of them. In 1988, Phil Donahue referred to Faye Mendelson as the perfect woman. This was based on her fitness activities, business savvy, marital status, number of children, possessions, and appearance. She was extremely self confident. Those things defined the perfect woman in that time period. Fitness was comprised of things like aerobics that were designed to keep women thin. She ran her own cosmetics company that showed her independence. She had a husband and well behaved

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