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Essay #3 I would have to absolutely agree men and woman are different when it comes to the terms of communication and emotions. I am not prejudice to woman in any way or men for that matter but, woman are by for more emotional than men. Woman want to break things apart and communicate, whereas a man feels the need to remain a man and be the “tougher” of the two. It may be nature, because in the wild a woman had to fend for her family and protect her offspring and a man endured the physical capabilities and strength to support and protect. Woman are emotional by nature. Being a friend, a mother, a wife, etc. A woman plays a role of a caregiver and a nurturer. Its like it is born into us. Men, on the other hand are not as sensitive. Woman tend to be more irrational in my experiences when it comes to response or communication. Men in my family tend to be loud and to the point. My mother can never get through a conversation without being emotional. I think it stems from the natural response to be the matriarch of our family. She is always caring for everyone but herself at time. My stepfather is always quiet and reserved. He is always doing his thing and when it comes to a conversation he tends to be involved, but one worded responses. My mother can go on for ever. I know myself in relationships I am more emotional. I tend to take things the way I want to perceive them. Emotionally. Which can cause major damage in communication. Most of the men I was with had the same response. They just didn’t understand where I was coming from. So men and woman are definitely different in that

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