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The Influence a Woman Can Have The idea that women characters are central in the books we have read this semester is very true. The opposite sex is generally a large influence in both the lives of men and women in today’s society as well as in the past. The works we have read over the past few months have shown great examples of just how much sway a significant other can have on the actions of an individual. The two women whom I have chosen to discuss are Michaela from Fugitive Pieces and Antoinette from Wide Sargasso Sea. These women seem to be almost opposites according to character and affect their stories in completely different ways. My focus is to depict the ways in which these two women influence not only the outcome of these stories but mainly the men who are the stories main characters. In Wide Sargasso Sea the relationship between Mr. Rochester and Antoinette Mason begins under an arranged marriage. Both characters come from wealthy families but Mr. Rochester is not financially as well off as his father and brother. The financial security gained by marrying Antoinette is Mr. Rochester’s primary motivation when he weds his foreign bride and moves to her family’s estate. By marrying Antoinette Mr. Rochester receives 30,000 pounds and finally gains the status of wealth that his father and brother share. He is now no longer a disgrace to them. Antoinette’s motive for the marriage is less clear. Her brother Richard Mason declares that Mr. Rochester is an honorable gentleman and that “She is damn lucky to get him, all things considered (Rhys 114).” This initial hint of Antoinette’s abnormal character foreshadows the events that will later take place in the story and hints to the reader that something is very odd about Antoinette’s behavior. Antoinette’s character at the time of meeting Mr. Rochester

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