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WOMADelaide is one of Australia’s popular four day music, arts and dance festival created by music enthusiast, artist & writer, Peter Gabriel in 1980. a; WOMADelaide is considered a ‘Major event’ as it recognised locally & internationally. b; The community of Adelaide is greatly impacted by this event as they experience an increase in tourist population which brings great economic rewards with the annual boost of local businesses such as restaurants & hotel accommodation. The community not only sees positive impacts but there will be some negative impacts for some local residents such as the increase in noise to close dwellings. c; d; There are numerous stakeholders involved in WOMADelaide; i) Tourism; People ravel interstate as well as internationally to attend WOMAdelaide. International artists, their crew & equipment may require extensive travel services. ii) Adelaide City Council; Been responsible for the Botanic Gardens & its surroundings, the Adelaide City Council oversees all legal, environmental, ethical and requirements are met in order to approve this event to take place within their derestriction. They will follow & forward the policies & procedures in regards to ‘The Liquor Licensing Commission’, Waste management & the ‘Environmental Protection Authority’ to WOMAD to ensure a positive event. iii) Local Business; As mentioned earlier, Adelaide’s local businesses play a significant role as visitors will expect their services such as accommodation, restaurant meals iv) Adelaide Hospitality School; The local hospitality School is used for catering purposes at WOMADelaide, encouraging local businesses and student opportunities. v) Local Authories

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