Wolves of Brooklyn Essay

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Literary Analysis The feel of a story plays a vital role in any piece of literature. So essential is this fact, if the feel is not right or carefully crafted to fit the story, the whole meaning could be lost. “Wolves in Brooklyn” had such a deep atmosphere to it, when you finish reading it the mood sticks with you. Any story that has the ability to make you stop and think is my kind of story. The story in itself stuck out to me in many different aspects. There were plenty of strong points firmly outweighing the weak points. This short story has the ability to whirl you away from where you are and put you in the narrator's shoes. The narrator is a woman who resides in Brooklyn, New York. The first thing I picked up from this story is that she not a typical person but is more of an outcast. She talks and thinks much differently than the average joe. The way she describes and evaluates her surroundings shows you that she is very intelligent and aware of everything that is going on around her. The way she portrays how the wolves entered Brooklyn gives you an uneasy feeling throughout the story. The story revolves around the concept of wolves taking over Brooklyn. While everyone who has any sort of sanity leaves, a few hundred stay behind and continue to live among the wolves. With the knowledge that people have the ability to move away and leave this mess allows you to realize that the people who stay behind are not exactly normal. It is as if the city of Brooklyn is completely separated from the real world of modern society. Details in the story such as “Sometimes they run right up to them, and sniff the air like Brooklyn has a musk and it fades at the edges, like they accidentally came too close to the end of the world.”(Valente). This shows that the wolves have a limited territory to which they can roam. The rest of the world has the ability to look upon
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