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Prof. Mooney Comp I Essay #1 Online 2012 The Wolf The wolf is a misunderstood individual. One of the wolf’s strongest traits is the natural instinct to emotionally attach to other wolves in packs. A pup will become distraught when away from the pack and is calm when nearby. This emotional attachment is what creates the pack, or family. People often think of a wolf as vicious or harmful. For example in the fairy tales, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Three Little Pigs”, the wolf is portrayed as the big bad wolf. The truth is, a wolf loathes fighting and will avoid hostile encounters. A non-violent nature is beneficial, as the wolf spends most of the time in the company of other wolves. However, under certain circumstances a wolf can be pushed to react aggressively when protecting the den or pups from predators or strange wolves. A wolf will stand firm to protect the territory, working as a pack to harass larger animals. The instinct to protect brings out the aggressive behavior, but only when threatened. The wolf can be gentle and tender with strong personality traits of intelligence, emotion, and sensitivity. The female wolf is especially more tolerant of other wolves in the pack by being playful, affectionate, kind, and patient. These traits however can work against the wolf and convey weakness, driving the wolf out of the pack. The wolf becomes sober and withdrawn, a “lone wolf”, roaming free in search of a new pack with no boundaries. This disassociation with the pack creates a wolf with a stronger more independent behavior. The wolf will howl at the moon when lonesome, calling out for a new mate. The howling has a communicative purpose, as the wolf does not want to stay alone. The wolf’s strong intelligence gives the ability to remember, associate events, and learn to adapt to any area, while roaming and hunting. The ability to adapt to any

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