Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Essay

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Some say he was born a genius straight out of his mothers whom. A child prodigy, Wolfgang stud the world with his music brilliant at a very young age, held by some not only as a great pianist, but as one of the greatest and most controversial composer of his time. Born Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on January 27, 1751 to Leopold and Maria Mozart in what is now Austria, but at that time was part of the Bavarian Circle in the Holy Roman Empire. Wolfgang had an older sister Maria Anna Mozart called Nannerl, was his only sibling to survive past births. Mozart was born into a musical family, his father Leopold was the author of a famous manual on violin play and deputy director of music to the archbishop of Salzburg. From the beginning Leopold was terrified of young Mozart virginity, because Mozart was practically distorted by harsh distorted excessive load sounds, but aware of Mozart sensitive condition Leopold excitement remind undiminished, as a composer himself he already recognized that his son was writing something of great value only if he could secure release from Salzburg he would have a chance to transform his family fortune. Leopold was desperate to share young Mozart talent to the world but his duties to the archbishop remained an obstacle. The archbishop granted him leave and one June 9, 1763 the Family left Salzburg into the unknown. Leopold had to provide for everything, servants, horses and carriages. He engaged the services of a Mr. Winter to act as their head guide through Europe; Leopold was risking everything on the talent of his own small son. When Mozart was asked to play, what most impressed his aristocratic audience was his power to improvise. As Wolfgang traveled through Germany to France the invitation to play flooded in, Leopold reaped the reward, and the family was swiftly elevated from humble tradesman to special quest at the royal courts of

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