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[pic] ABSTRACT : There has been a quest in the evolution of dogs and their ancestral resemblance and ontogeny with wolves. It has been a topic of research ever since man wanted to study the close relation between his behavior in relation to the evolutionary co-existence and co-habiting with dogs. It provides a lot of insight into the nature of man as a natural selection tool in shaping the evolution of dogs from wolves and inturn opens frontiers to understand the aspects related to domestication-social behavior-cognitive performance and evolution of the same. In this particular study we intend to analyze the factors of evolution such as random mating, mutations, genetic drift interplayed with human intervention in the slow effect of evolutionary transformation of wolves to dogs. |The dog has a long history of adaptation to the hu-man environment (Vila ´ et al. 1997;Savolainen et al.2002), and it is widely assumed | |that the selection process during domestication may have altered not only the in morphological traits but also their behavior and behavior | |control systems (Belyaev 1979; Coppinger & Cop-pinger 2002). | Originally it was hypothesized that selection during domestication might have directly facilitated human-compatible social cognition in dogs.It suggests that in dogs, selection for decreased ‘‘emotional reactivity’’ led to lower levels of fear and aggression, and higher interest and contact seeking towards humans, which in turn enabled canid cognitive skills to be applied in interspecific interactions [5–7]. More recently, one study found that intensive socialisation and regular training of wolves diminish some of the previously suspected differences in social cognitive skills between dogs and wolves. This led the authors to emphasise

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