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was out soaking up the new fresh air of the small town in Maine, Somerset, where my brother and I will be residing in for now just thinking about how I ended up in this predicament. Life hasn’t been too kind for my twin and me ever since we were born. Our parents just left us in an orphanage and took off, my brother and I. When we turned 16, one of the most treacherous nights of my life, the most inhumane thing happened to both of us. We had turned from walking upright humans to a furry beast with canines and hair. A freaking wolf. I had been so freaked out about my transformation I thought about signing up for rehab so they could check if I was sane or not but I didn’t. So I did the next best thing. I checked out books at the library and went on Google to look up more information about my freaky transformation but all I found was myths and creepy stories. I couldn’t come up with a legit conclusion on how it is possible for me to change from human to werewolf form. That wasn’t the only thing. My senses were all heightened. I could smell better0, see sharper, hear clearer, run faster, and had the reflexes of a ninja. We had stayed in our orphanage rooms, pretending we were sick for three days, just researching but we came up with nothing. “Don’t worry Haze, we’ll find something.” My brother told me but it was hard to believe it. The next day we went to school and there was just this one group of kids that kept staring at us, so I used my new senses and sniffed the air. They smelled just like us. Could they be the same? My brother smelt it too and went to them immediately. And bam, that’s how I found out about the crazy lives of us werewolves. There are tons of others just like my brother and I out there. I think the hardest thing to grasp was the fact that mystical creatures like us existed. I always thought that they were just fiction

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