Wk7 Assign: Cultural Awareness

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2/26/2015 Westwood College Wk7 Assign: Cultural Awareness CULTURAL AWARENESS As a businessman for a successful advertising company my assignment was too traveled to Asia for an important business meeting with a billionaire Asian client which could become one of my biggest accounts back home in America. We met at a luxury Asian restaurant and order some delicious looking food that had plenty of colorful vegetables. As we began eating I continuously discuss with the client what my company can do for him as well as how wonderful the food looked on my plate. When I looked up I noticed a frown on the businessman face. The waiter immediately noticed the faux pas that had occurred and whispered in my ear that in Asia, its common not to talk during a meal because the food is the main focus,…show more content…
Pay careful attention to how you use the chopsticks. Never use them in a gesture or for pointing, and never stick them upright in your rice bowl, because this is an omen of death (Pegg, 2012). It’s courteous to remove your shoes before entering a home. This helps maintain cleanliness; but it's also a sign that you're leaving the outside world where it belongs (Pegg, 2012). Don’t pat or touch people on top of their head. Just don’t do it. In some Southeast Asian cultures, particularly in Thailand and Laos, the head is considered sacred and you just never know what sort of faux pas you may be committing by reaching for it (Pegg, 2012). Although we’re not sure why you would do this, if you happen to be passing through Southeast Asia, refrain from pointing your feet at other people. In some regions of Thailand and Laos the feet are considered the “lowest” and “dirtiest” part of the body, which is also partly why you should take your shoes off before entering someone’s house (Pegg,

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