Wk 2 Case Study

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Security Policies & Legal Issues: Your Name Your College SEC 280 Week 2 Your Professor Date Outline The first issue that I would like to address is the constant dangers that computers are exposed to, there is a major exposure to hackers that could gain access to a server on either Windows Operating System or a Linux Operating System. Because of these vulnerabilities, the CIO should become more aware of the threads used by these hackers and reinforce the security to make the Infrastructure more secure. With the reinforcement added to this security this will help to minimize the chance of a hackers thread to become more affective or to be able to use virus in their favor while using their viruses. They use these kind of encyption or malicious software such as a virus, or a worm virus, or possible a Trojan. Hackers like to give these virus strange name that these individual uses to give viruses are a major concern to the companies and their customer’s private information. Information that is so delicate is built up of the customer or company’s identity, credit, and property information and it is so well collected and compiled, which is enough information for a creation or a clone of a company and or a customer. The thefts is not limited to the program or data, as the attacks can slowly decrease the computers performance, affect the information on the hard drive and cause the computer to blue screen and or possibly crash. The CIO should have to compose a plan to better defend his network, and be able to take action in a short time frame if such attack would take place. In conclusion common terms to security, is the act to provide a sense of defense against lost information, attack or harm on software or sensitive information. The CIO can build or unite a full secuirty plan against such attacks to better protect the
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