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Stephanie Roehm Professor Clark EN-200 April 25, 2013 Evaluation Rough Draft “Ding Dong, the witch is dead!” With the plot, characters, and special effects for its time, The Wizard of Oz is able to capture its audience with its unique story-line, allowing viewers to link their own life situations to those on the screen, whether the audience is younger or older. The classic film "The Wizard of Oz" was inspired by the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written in 1899 and published in 1900 by author, Lyman Frank Baum. Baum actually wrote a series of books based on the Oz story and characters. The MGM 1939 film release was a loose adaptation of the initial book. A little known fact, however, is that many Oz films were made during the era of the silent movie. See this film, young or old! The elements in "The Wizard of Oz" powerfully fill a…show more content…
Then, along came "The Wizard of Oz." Needless to say, audiences were not only stirred by the terrific story, but they were also dazzled by the film's special effects. The special effects are glorious in that old Hollywood way, in which you don't even have to look closely to see where the set ends and the backdrop begins. Almost all films were still being made in black and white, so the switch from black and white to color would have had a special significance in 1939 when the movie was made. "The Wizard of Oz" was a major achievement when you consider that it was filmed nearly three-quarters of a century ago. If the film was made today, there would be extensive use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). As eye-popping and jaw-dropping as CGI and how it would have made the film look, it might just take away the charm of the story and its characters. Without computers, the makers used the tools of their trade and of their day. Like the Emerald City, which is a great visual, was created by using sets and paintings. Costumes and marvelous make-up added to the special

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