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Political and economical twister . The “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is a classical children's novel and was written by Lyman Frank Baum in the early 1900's. After reading the story I can clearly see that it is not a simple amusing fairytale for the children. “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” has a dominant good versus evil theme throughout. Dorothy, the North and the South representing the good. The east and the West is representing the evil. The book is written in the manner that is easily understood by the children, but has many elements that are open to the interpretation. The few things that stood out for me were political and economical allegories throughout the story. Dorothy is a perfect example of American people in 1890's. She represents ordinary, realistic person who came from a poor family and lives on the farm. The description of the landscape of Kansas is very grim. It coinsists with political and economical happenings during that period of time. Populist party had been formed right around 1890's and it's popularity was spreading rapidly. (Parker 6) Big changes were happening in Senate and Congress as members of populist party began winning seats and eventually gaining control of the Senate. Drastic political changes let to a political twister so to say. It is clear to see that the cyclone that carried Dorothy to the land of Oz depicts the political “twister”. “In the middle of the cyclone the air is generally still, but the great pressure of the wind on every side of the house raised it up higher and higher.” (Baum 3). Dorothy and her newly found friends from the Oz travel to see The Wizard who has the power to grant wishes represents populist's great efforts to gain political strength in the capital. As politicians made empty promises they couldn't fulfill, so did the I have noticed multiple allegories that represent the economical situation during

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