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The Wizard of Oz book report The Wizard of Oz was written by L. Frank Baum and introduced by Cornelia Funke. This was America’s first best seller. This story is probably more famous as a movie. The Wizard of Oz is a book about a girl named Dorothy, her dog Toto, and her many adventures in the Land of Oz. Dorothy’s house is swept up by a cyclone and brought down in a strange land with many weird creatures and countries. Chapter 1 The Wizard of Oz explains her home, her family, and how she came to be in The Land of Oz. Dorothy lives in Kansas with her adopted parents, Uncle Henry and Aunt Em. Aunt Em used to be a youthful and pretty woman, but her personality had dulled from living the dreary prairie life. Uncle Henry had also been turned gray. He now was solemn and never ever laughed. The only thing that kept little Dorothy joyful and bright spirited was her black terrier, Toto. Toto was the opposite of dull. He was frisky and full of life. Dorothy loved him very much. Then, when Uncle Henry hears a twister coming, he orders his wife and Dorothy into the storm cellar. But when Dorothy can’t find Toto she refuses to leave without and the tornado carries her house away without Aunt Em or Uncle Henry. The house is set down ‘gently’ and Dorothy walks out the door and finds herself in a land that is definitely not Kansas. Chapter 2 The Wizard of Oz tells about Munchkin Country and how Dorothy must go the Emerald City. Dorothy sees an appealing land that has people of about Dorothy’s height but, looking at their faces, seemed to be MUCH older. As Dorothy started to walk out of her house, a group of the odd looking people comes toward her. They thank her for killing the Wicked Witch of the East and setting Munchkin County free from slavery. An old woman tells Dorothy that she may take the silver shoes that had belonged to the W-W-of the East.

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