Wiz Khalifa, Sell Out? Essay

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Wiz Khalifa – Sell Out? Cameron Thomaz, or as he is more commonly known Wiz Khlaifa, has not been around the music scene for very long, but has established a pretty good career for himself. Some argue that due to his mainstream success, Khalifa has sold out and lost touch with what made him popular in the first place. While I believe there was a time when that was true, he has rerouted himself and is back on track with what made him who he is. Wiz Khalifa first came on the scene in 2005 when he signed a deal with Rostrum Records and released his first mixtape Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania ("Wiz Khalifa" April 06, 2013). From this point on he slowly started gaining fans, first in Pittsburgh and eventually globally. By the end of 2010, Khalifa had released 8 mixtapes and 2 studio albums, all sticking with his raw, uncensored style with lyrics typically centered on marijuana, women, or money ("Wiz Khalifa" April 06, 2013). In April of 2010, things started changing for Wiz Khalifa. First, he signed with Atlantic Records after 3 years with Warner Bros. Records ("Wiz Khalifa" April 06, 2013). Later in the year, Khalfa released his first single with Atlantic, Black and Yellow ("Black and Yellow" April 09, 2013). While the song went triple platinum, some think that this is when he began to sell out. He started making music to top charts and become radio station hits instead of his more uncensored style that fans had grown to love. In March of 2011, Wiz released his 3rd studio album Rolling Papers ("Rolling Papers (Wiz Khalifa album)" March 24, 2013). With popular songs such has the previously mentioned Black and Yellow as well as other hits Roll Up and No Sleep, Khalifa style had seemingly become more of a pop rap instead of a more underground sound which caused many loyalists to reconsider their fandom. These criticisms did not go away for a while

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