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Submitted to: Mr. abrar Submitted by HASSAN YAQOOB (10-NTU-5026) abaid akbar (10-ntu-5004) Section: A Department of MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Class: MBA In the name of ALLAH, the most beneficent, the most merciful. It’s the body of ALLAH that we breathing on this earth despite of our sins and uncover able mistakes We do 100 good things Nobody remember! We do 1 thing wrong! Nobody forgets! It’s ALLAH, who gives, gives & forgives……… It’s human who gets, gets &forgets……… Table of content Introduction 4 The core of wi-tribe is defined by three distinct elements Customer 4 Message of CEO (Mustafa Peracha) 5 WIMAX 5 The Hypothetico-deduction method 6 PROBLEM DEFINITION 7 Factor of decrease in sale 7 Objectives of Research 7 Research Methodology 7 Specific: 7 Nature of study 7 Source of data 8 Target Population 8 Sample size 8 Sample distribution 8 Judgment sampling 8 Quota sampling 9 Data collection Instruments 9 Strength 10 Weakness 10 Opportunities 10 Threats 11 Factors in Network Speed 25 Ethernet Hub or Switch 26 Outside factors that affect Internet Connection Speeds. 28 Traffic Jams 28 Overhead 29 Sharing Bandwidth 29 Special Factors for 56K Modems 30 Measure Your Actual Data Rate 30 Introduction Wi-tribe Pakistan is a focused and convenient consumer wireless broadband provider that enriches the lifestyles of its customers. It aims to create value across different segments of the society by simplifying its services and enhancing customer convenience. It strives to create a community with flexible online access thus redefining the notion of online freedom. Backed by unrivaled experience, knowledge and vision, wi-tribe was established in April 2007, combining the strengths of Qatar Telecom (Qtel) together with a proactive partnership with the A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO) and

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