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Without Sin is a tragic love story that portrays the horrors that exist on both sides of the American-Mexican Border. A narrative regarding a devious drug lord, controlling the innocent lives of women in Mexico who service those on the other side of the border, American visitors. When a U.S. Border Patrol stumbles upon one of the innocent women and becomes infatuated, a dangerous war is initiated between the two sides. Garret Harrison, the narrator in this story, is the son of a humanitarian minister and his mother, a Cuban refugee. Garret, a former Navy Seal, is now employed by the United States Border Patrol, and is responsible for protecting his side of the border by stopping any intruders or trespassers. This unique background leads to Garret holding a special perspective on the refugees that attempt to cross the border. Garret is much more understanding and not ‘evil’ as most refugees most likely perceive a US border patrol officer; He sympathizes with their plight although it is his job to make sure no one actually makes it across the border. Garret falls in love with a Mexican prostitute, Angelina Marguerite, who is seventeen whose life is controlled by a human and narcotics trafficker, Juan Carlos Salizar. Angelina had left her home with Juan Carlos’ promise of a better life, which she soon discovered was a farce. Garret attempts convincing Angelina to flee north of the border, instructing her to do exactly what he is supposed to inhibit, but out of fear for what Juan Carlos might do to her family, she chooses not to and betrays Garret by telling Juan Carlos of his plan, resulting in a deadly standoff between the two. Without Sin uses the interactions of a small group of individuals to portray how these societal struggles affect people on an individual level. Angelina is a symbol of those who hope for a better life in Mexico; those that live in such

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