Without A Father Essay

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There is a disease that has been spreading throughout the nation without the recognition of its full affect. I am not talking about the infamous HIV/AIDS crisis or any other disease similar. The disease I am talking about is called, “fatherlessness.” The amount of children growing up with this disease aren’t fully aware of the symptoms and its after- effect. I am, unfortunately, diagnosed with this disease and have been since I was born. Some people wonder why it affects us so much, but these people never went through the emotional strain that comes with this disease. They have never felt what it is like to not have a father there by their side when needed. My parents got divorced before I was born. I know nothing of what happened or why it happened at all Sadly, I am actually happy that I never had to deal with him leaving in the middle of my childhood. I was used to not having him there. Yet sometimes I wonder if those who have fathers who leave them have the benefit of the doubt because they at least were able to have a father image and know what it was like. Ever since I could remember, my father was never really around. I was fortunate to have him pay for my schooling and take care of me financially. My father is the type of man who likes to ignore things he is ashamed of or does not want to be a reality. He was not born in this country and was never exposed to a dysfunctional family; he grew up old fashioned and very typical. Whenever I heard things about him from my mom, she would always say good things about him. She did not want me to have a negative image of him. When I was in middle school and was more mature, my mom broke the news to me that I had three siblings. I have two older brothers and one younger sister. I learned that they did not know about me. I wanted to know them so badly. I was heartbroken and angry that I was not able to enjoy the

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