Within the American Dream Essay

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"The American dream, is the idea of working hard in order to have a lavishing lifestyle. Gatsby is not entirely focusing on the idea of American dream, but also shows the manipulative two faces of the people living in the society. Things are not always the way it seems as we judge from the surface of perhaps a wealthy man who lives a carefree and happy life but what happens within is unseen with the “naked eyes”. Nick’s character is one who is well connected socially but not directly engaged in the usual drama which can be either mild or major and yet to unfold into something unprecedented. The writer is concerned with the human psyche and what drives people, their emotions and goals as well as their ambitions and vices. One example of such a dramatic scene would be with Tom and his lover Myrtle to get together at his apartment solely kept as a purpose of his love affair. Whilst at this impromptu party in Tom's apartment, everyone is indulge in excess alcohol consumption barely conscious of their actions or implications. Nick intimates that he has never been drank more than twice n his life, indicating that he is acting in a more reckless and carefree manner than he is accustom to. Fitzgerald uses Nick’s staid character as an anchor in order to help his audience react through Nick's perspective to the raucous goings on throughout the novel. His usual nature gets the better of him however, and he attempts to leave the party turned off by the behavior of the others but at the same time is compel to stay fixated by the drama unfolding in front of him. Nick portrays that he is not impressed by the usual drama and behaviors of others at festive events yet he holds an ambivalent attitude and is somewhat is indecisive. On the other hand with her sense of self importance increase after receiving a gift from her lover, Myrtle begins making comments about Tom's wife in a

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