With Reference to Waste Management in Urban Areas Discuss the Extent to Which Sustainability Can Be Achieved Essay

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With reference to waste management in urban areas discuss the extent to which sustainability can be achieved? A sustainable city is one that meets the needs of its both its present and future inhabitants, and an effective waste management system is often an underlying principle deployed in order to achieve successful sustainability in urban areas. Waste management usually refers to materials produced by human activity, and defined as the collection, transport, processing and disposal of this waste. It is of vital importance - particularly with recent global warming issues - that urban areas implement a successful waste management scheme, and examples such as the Bristol ‘Poo Bus’ and the ‘Waste to Energy’ programme in Copenhagen show that across the world urbanised areas are trying to address the issue. The more traditional forms of waste management, such as incineration, landfill and composting are heavily debated; which is the best method of waste disposal? With sustainability being such a large scale issue for modern society, it begs the question ‘How sustainable can waste management in an urban area be?’ In the UK, prior to the turn of the century, the majority of waste had been disposed of through landfill sites. These are large holes dug in the ground, in which waste is dumped in and then covered over by the dug up soil. Landfill sites are efficient and cheap, and a lots of waste can be disposed of with consummate ease. The sustainability of the method is also beneficial, as long term the area can be re-used and developed on. The 6000m long, multi-million pound development Liberty National Golf Club, found in New Jersey America, is such an example. Whilst the Economic benefits of landfill sites are obvious, there are many serious negative impacts of this waste management method. Environmentally, landfills are bad because of the leachate. This is a process
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