Witches in Nigeria and the Power of Jesus Christ

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Ejiro Imarah Professor Riverancc English 1111 20th May, 2007 Voices to Voices: Witches in Nigeria and the Name of Jesus Christ. In the part of the world I grew up in, Nigeria, many people lived their lives with utmost caution of their neighbors so as to avoid being eaten or sacrificed by the blood-sucking witches disguised as neighbors. My mother raised my brothers and me to be very observant of the people in our surroundings. We were also trained to be careful of what we ate with our friends and even relatives. This is because many people who possess dark powers in our community tend to lack compassion and are inhumane. As a result they lure their victims into eating a charmed food or cast a spell on them that kills them gradually. The witches in Africa are especially wicked. They pick a quarrel with an individual and before the individual realizes it, he or she is caught up in a battle that outlives a generation or more. Ordinary people’s dreams and goals are sabotaged by witches who recite incantations in their covens against their victims. They cause many accidents on the road, broken marriages and ruin good relationships in families. It becomes very difficult to identify who is a witch or wizard as they keep their identity classified for fear of being stigmatized. Nobody was ever born a witch. It is not a gift either. It is all the devices of Satan to ruin the lives of human beings. The witches have their meetings in trees, in the air, under the sea or in their spiritual world. When my mother became a Christian in 1993, she thought she was finally free from attacks of the witches as the Lord Jesus Christ had her back, but to her surprise, nothing turned out a bit easy. Her saving grace though, was the power in the blood of Jesus Christ. I recall the year 1995 when my dad and mom traveled

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