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Alexandra Beram 04/30/2012 English 1020 Holly Hunt Witchcraft Throughout my life I have always misunderstood the way that people see religion. My parents had my birth celebration at the Unitarian Universalist church, and I attended this church from then on. A Unitarian Universalists church or UU celebrates every religion and religious holiday. When I was 5 years old I attended a religious celebration dedicated to the Wiccan holiday Spring equinox. During this celebration we painted eggs, and colored pictures of fairies that we hung up all over the church. We all went outside and climbed trees and hung up colorful ribbon in the branches. Then we had pictures of baby animals all over the church and I made a trail of candy and daisies that went all around the altar in the room that we would be having the sermon in. The altar in the main room was bright pink, yellow and baby blue. It had flowers, elves, gnomes, and ribbons scattered around it. There were eggs spread all over the room and they were all bright colors. I had never seen something this blissful and bright. It was as if all the happiness in the world was right there in that room with us. Everyone was singing songs about spring and the goddess. When we finally sat down to listen to the wonderful words that the reverend had to say I thought that it would start to get boring. She began with a poem about death and rebirth that even a five year old girl like me could understand. I learned that nothing in the world ever dies, it just moves on to another stage of its life. Flowers that looked sad and brown were not dead they were only dormant they would come back in the spring. Not only that but they would die and create rich soil for the plans that grow after them, in this pattern the old flowers would always become a part of the new flowers. We partied and ate after the lovely words that touched my heart

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