Witch of Portobello Book Report

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] I.Introduction TITLE: The Witch of Portobello AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho PUBLICATION INFORMATION: HarperCollins Publishers Copyright, 2006 GENRE: Fiction NUMBER OF PAGES: 268 CHARACTERS: Athena/Sherine Khalil Liliana Deidre O’Neill Giancarlo Fontana Andrea McCain Heron Ryan Antoine Locadour Lukas Jessen-Petersen Pavel Podbielski Samira R. Khalil Nabil Alaihi Peter Sherney Vosho “Bushalo” Lella Zainab Reverend Buck SETTING: London, Transylvania, Beirut, The “Witch of Portobello” tells about a mystified woman named Athena who has specialty to interacting to a omnipotent being named as “Hagia Sofia”. The abstract foundation of the story makes it compelling and more applicable to different situations in life. The author’s purpose seems to give emphasis on a god with no particular religion. He gives importance and motivation that there is a god existing in our world. II. NOVEL SUMMARY The story began when the main protagonist of the story who is Athena died. Now, a number of people who gave contribution to her life started to state stories about what they experienced when they were with Athena. Athena’s real name is Sherine Khalil but she preferred to be called Athena instead. She is a daughter of a gypsy who later will be introduced as the story progresses. She was adopted by Samira Khalil and was raised up according to Christian traditions. In the book, there were 4 archetypes of women namely the saint, the virgin, the martyr and the witch and Athena had all those characteristics. In the later years, she met Lukas who married her and bore a son named Viorel. Sooner, they got divorced because of the child and Athena took the child with her. She started to get closer to the church and there she met Rev. Fr. Giancarlo Fontana and they had a dialogue and became

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