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JSD- AP European- DBQ1 February 16, 2010 There were many factors that motivated the Salem witch trials. These factors can be seen through political/religious, social, and economic viewpoints. Each one of these provides a different idea and theory to why and how the Salem witch trials came to be. In 1692 politics and the church coincided a lot , when Sir William Phips was appointed governor of Massachusetts Bay a new royal charter was created that did exactly that. It put the governor, church, legislature, and courts into a single religious and civil governing body (Doc 1). Everything that the church found wrong could get someone arrested, or even hanged and that’s exactly what started happening when the witch trials started. Many people believed that the devil had to be the fault of everything bad and wrong that happened to them: that God helped those who were good and kept them alive and well. He cured their illnesses and he saved them from native attacks (Doc 11). Those who were socially unaccepted soon became the “witch” of the community. Young children accused an older woman of being a witch because they said that she had afflicted them (Doc 8). They said she had a book that she took to them so that they would read, and in that time woman were not allowed to read or write. When a woman was seen doing such things they were automatically accused of being a witch because housewives were not suppose to do such things. Although she denied being a witch, the church believed the children’s statements more than the older woman and sent her to Salem prison. Once she was there the children said that they were no longer afflicted (Doc 8). Also the Salem community was relatively close so when one person heard rumors of witchcraft they became fearful and looked for someone to blame. When these children became ill and the doctors could not explain what the cause

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