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The Witch DBQ Concentrated in many southwestern countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Poland, France), the practicing of witch trials were expanding and taking place with much intensity and violence. This was all taking place in accordance to the Protestant Reformation, the Catholic Reformation, and the Scientific Revolution and influenced many decisions and beliefs numerous had for and against the acts of witchcraft. The widespread practices of witch trials cost many over one hundred thousand human lives, which commonly came in accordance from confessing as a result of much torture. Witch trials between the late fifteenth century and throughout the seventeenth century were commonly urged by many factors. These included religious influences led by key leaders such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Pope Innocent VIII, and the fear of unexplained happenings that were in response to the numerous witch cases taking place due to the sight of much evil, and immense injustice many experienced. This was also influenced by the curiosity and what many felt as the explanation of unfortunate happenings, which caused a lot to act as scapegoats for many. The practice of witch trials were all influenced by many different beliefs and ideas, one of these being their religious influences that drove many of the supporters actions and also the many against it. Key religious leaders including Pope Innocent VIII, Martin Luther, and John Calvin put these influences in place and provided writings that greatly urged other followers and those against. Writings provided by Pope Innocent VIII imply that as apostolic authority, it is their duty to remove all obstructions slowing down inquisitors from doing their duty, thus being the punishment and correction of the possessed witches and those against (Doc. 7) The role of the Pope at the time and his ideas drove many

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