Witch Craze Time Essay

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The European Witch Craze started roughly during conclusion of the 15th century and peaked during the first half of the seventeenth century. When it came down to it women were accused as being witches in Salem more than men and a lot of women confessed. Maybe women were being accused because of the Puritans attitudes towards women, sin, and the devil. There could be many reasons why women were accused of being witches than men. It could have been their appearance, the time, or the gender roles. According to the OAH Magazine of History during the witch craze time Puritan New Englanders considered themselves to rather be more enlightened than others when it came to women’s place in society and in their cosmology (Reis). European view on women was that they were more evil than men. During witchcraft trials, the court set out to prove that accused women had indeed signed the devil’s book, to becoming witches. They hoped to find witnesses to such signings, as the laws of evidence was required, but they also realized how difficult it was to obtain such proof everyone knew that the devil obtained his signatures in secret. In fact, no witnesses to any actual signing ever came forward during the Salem trials. Confessions were the next best thing. If an accused woman admitted to being a witch, then the case against was assured. What was better proof that witches were among the godly town of Salem than a confession? It is essential to point out that very early during the Salem times, the court decided not to hang those who confessed, hoping that they could be persuaded to naming other people involved in witchcraft. This was one of the reason why a lot women were admitting to being a witch. The argument that women were excessively likely to be accused of witchcraft because they were the poorest depends largely on the assumption, which owes more to early modern witchcraft

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