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The Review of: Wisty and Whit don’t live normal lives, after their parents were taken by the N.O. During the time their parents were gone they found out that they were a Witch and Wizard. Once they found out that they have been honing their powers, they also find out that they have to defeat The One Who is One, who has taken over and destroyed everything. They are also mentioned in the prophecy to destroy the One. Since they have the powers to destroy him they are the most wanted people in the country. The N.O. troops are always after them. In their new struggles, Whit has a hard time finding a safe house, so he can heal Wisty from the Blood Plague. Whit is lucky to find refuge in an apartment building with another family that hates the N.O. While hiding in their small basement, Whit is able to cure Wisty with his magic. Once she is cured, they learn their next step of the mission from their old family friend, Mrs. Highsmith. She is a witch as well. She gives them some advice for the next mission but they will have to split up. Whit has to go to the Shadowland and save their parents, while Wisty has to go fight The One Who is One. While trying to find the courage to do these tasks they find out jaw dropping news of Celia, their parents, and the prophecy. Overall it was a breath-taking conclusion to the series. It was action packed, had gut-wrenching emotion, it was funny and had sparks of romance in it. I think James Patterson did a nice job. The most exciting part of the story was when they killed The One Who is One, and the family was reunited once again. I love those types of endings in stories! My favorite character in the story is Whit. Even though Wisty is the main character, I like Whit the best. He was a high school football player and is a tough dude. He is the expert at healing spells between the two

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