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The film Wit was a heart wrenching, dramatic tale of a brilliant scholar and her tumultuous journey through treatment for stage 4 ovarian cancer. There were many themes found in this film, but overall the main one seemed to be about Vivian and her struggle with coming to terms with what life is really about. From what little background information the audience is given, Vivian seems to have spent the majority of her life invested in her studies. Her life’s work has been about words, not finding love, or friends, or any sort of nurturing relationship. From what the audience sees of her as a professor, it seems apparent that she has little to no compassion or understanding for those who need her help, (her students). Ironically enough she begins to realize the importance of all this when her student becomes the one she needs help from, and shows very little compassion for her situation. With death hanging over her head, the audience begins to see Vivian breakdown, and realize that perhaps there is something more to life than what she had thought. She is reluctant to reach out and have a connection with anyone until the very end of the movie. This may be due to the fact that she was in denial about her mortality, and it wasn’t until the end of her story that she came face to face with the fact that she is going to die. When that realization hits a person, it is overwhelming, even for a strong brilliant woman like Vivian. She realized she was lacking that human interaction and love that is necessary in every person’s life. The flashbacks in the film tell us she was never really interested in having that relationship with anyone, she kept putting it off, because her work came first. There is a valuable lesson the audience can take away from the film as well, being that we should value our time, because we never know how long it is really going to

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