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Essay: W;T BY MARGARET EDSON, AND JOHN DONNE, “DEATH BE NOT PROUD” It is only after one’s sins have been forgiven that they can finally achieve salvation through death. The prospect of death only becomes apparent during a state of sickness allowing one to reflect on their afterlife and knowing what they have did in life was wrong, and life without relationships, will leave the individual dying alone. The play “W;T”, my Margaret Edson, and the poem, “Death be not proud”, by John Donne. When one individual commits sins, some often don’t realise until the time they realise they are going to die soon, so they continue their lives with regrets. When Vivian was dying, it was then she had realised she should of used her life much more wisely. Margaret Edson’s play, Wit is a creative response to the Divine Poems of John Donne , Vivian Bearing, a demanding, hardnosed and uncompromising English professor has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As an academic, she attempts to treat the news with the detachment much like she would with her own research. Her treatment, leads to her having to reassess her career and significant events in her life. Throughout the play, Edson adopts an objective approach. The initial alienating device of Vivian Bearing addressing the audience directly destroys any illusions of empathetic theatre, the ability to understand and enter another individuals feeling. “It is not my intention to give away the plot; but I think I die at the end.”, Vivian is being dramatic as she immediately makes a detachment and becomes engaged objectively, rather than emotionally. This proves how Vivian constantly pushes people away and how that lead to leaving her life and dying a sad lonely death as she has lived her life disconnected from reality. “Cancer is the only thing I’ve ever wanted.” This has shown to be sense of irony. Posner is referring to his

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