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Tonya Lewis Professor Ketterling Eng. 99-05 11 Sep. 2014 My Three Wishes! Everybody has wished for something in his or her life. Anything from wanting something to happen to needed something to happen. Wishes can be of all sizes, and they can be big wishes or very little wishes. No matter what anyone can wish for anything they choose. Some wishes turn into reality as other stay a wish forever. If I was lucky enough to have three wishes that could come true, I would wish for good health for everyone, for all of mankind to be wealthy, and worldwide peace. My first wish would be for everyone to have good health .That doctors would be able to find a cure for serious diseases. American people would have health care, no matter what their situation is, so if and when they do get ill they can seek medical attention .For everyone to have good health, diseases would not exist, or there would be a cure so people did not have to suffer. Having good health for all means a lot in so many ways. Second, is for America as a whole to be wealthy .If we were all wealthy, there would be no poverty. Being wealthy would spare people from becoming homeless .They would be able to provide for themselves, so they do not go hungry, and so they can buy the necessities they need for everyday life. Wealth can create so many opportunities for the American people and how we live as a nation. My last wish would defiantly have to go to worldwide peace .World peace would be great, like one big happy family .I would start world peace by, stopping the war that has been going on long enough .Being that there would be world peace, bulling would come to a halt, and murders and homicides will decrease. Peace is such an important thing we as a nation would benefit in so many ways and be so much happier as one. So people can wish all day

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