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My three wishes If you let say found a magic lamp and the genuine inside it said you had three wish and the only limit was you could not wish for more wish. Just image what you could do with three wish. What would you do, will if I had three wishes I know exactly what I would wish for. First I would wish for never to run out of money, never. To be able to reach in my wallet and have the exact amount of money. I mean how cool would that be to never run out of money. To never have to worries about payments on you house, or even your car. To shop and shop and shop till you wanted to stop which with me would never happen by the way. Second I would wish for my mom to be perfectly heathy and not be in pain. To be able to feel like herself again. Not want to cry when she walks. I mean she is getting better but she will never be able to feel like she used to. Never. I mean who wants to watch someone you love to be in pain. Not me it make me want to cry ever time I see her in pain. It is just, we are really close but we still hang out like we used too and talk. Third I would wish for would wish for my family to be closer together. Right now I live 4 and a half hours from my family. I mean I love Oskaloosa and every thing it is that I really miss my family but my mom is doing her best and I cant blame her. She need to move and at the time so did I but after a well it just started to sucks. I have always live close to my grandma but not no more and she really misses us. So if you every find a lamp make sure you wish for want you are sure you want. I know what I would wish for. Never to run out of money, for the pain in my family to be gone and a closer, happier family. Just make sure you always have wish and dreams because with out them we would all be them

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