Wisdom Versus Intelligence Essay

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Wisdom versus Intelligence 6/25/11 University of Phoenix What was Martha Stewart thinking when she sold all of her shares of ImClone stock? My guess would be she was not thinking clearly when friend and former CEO of ImClone Systems gave her information that the FDA would not be approving new drug. Because she then sold all of her shares in that stock and then lied and continued to lie about her involvement when she got caught. Martha Stewart has proven to be a very intelligent, successful businesswoman, but not very wise. “Smart people often do foolish things. In fact they can make a total mess of their own lives and the lives of family and friends” (Bolt, 2004). During this moment of obvious lack of judgment, she seems to be lacking emotional intelligence because she let her emotions rule over her reasoning. By not willingly accepting her guilt and continuing to lie and cover up her involvement, she only implicated herself further. Being successfully intelligent involves three areas where one must think well: analytically, creatively, and practically. Martha Stewart seemed to be lacking the ladder of the three as she continually made bad decisions which inevitably landed her in a federal prison. She was convicted of conspiracy, making false statements, and obstruction of justice. Martha Stewart would serve time in a federal correctional institution because of her seemingly rash decisions as well as step down as CEO of the company she worked so hard to build. Academic aptitude, emotional intelligence and tactic knowledge contribute to wisdom (Bolt, 2004). Of the six patterns that Robert Sternberg identified as characteristics of wise people, Martha Stewart seemed to be lacking in at least two of those areas: superior judgment and reasoning ability. It has yet to be seen if she learns from her experiences. References Bolt, M.

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