Wisdom of Adam Smith Essay

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Wisdom of Adam Smith Man is always in need of the help of his neighbors and it is difficult for him to expect it from their good favor only. He is more likely to get what he needs if he can show them that they will benefit from the favors which they do for him and what he requires. If you give man what he wants, you will have the favor returned upon yourself and get something that you want and that is to you favor. The chef does not cook meals for every customer only out of his own good deeds, but for his favor as well. We don’t just address ourselves to people for their interests, but for our own as well. Every worker does his labor to fulfill his annual needs as much as he can. He does not do his work to promote public interests, and it is not in his priorities to promote it. He works for himself and his own needs, and this leads him to unknowingly work for the wellbeing of many other people. With his deeds which he does for himself, he is part of a much bigger picture. I have not seen a lot of progress made by those which only look out for the public good. All other systems do not do much good, but the system of man benefiting himself from his own works establishes itself as societies most useful system. Every man, as long as he does not break the law is free to pursue whatever he may want to accomplish, with us knowing that not only will he benefit himself but he will benefit society. It is of great importance to put these ideas into actions, presidents and governors, and to watch the economy flourish as every man lives his own dreams and accomplishes all that he can in his full potential. Watch and see the outstanding results of this great

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