Wisdom and Action Scenario Essay

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Wisdom and Action Scenario HSM/230 5/09/2014 1. In the scenario that we were given, you are looking at a local nonprofit organization that networks with other services and agencies to help fill those holes and gaps for needed families. They have been in existence for several years, and in this time they have gained respect and knowledge from the community. The director of the organization has approached seven different foundations on search for donations, which she asked for $10,000 hoping that at least one would bight and she would have something to give back to the organization. To her surprise, 3 different foundations reached out leaving her with more money the expected. The dilemma is to what to do with the extra money? Should we put it toward the original idea, or can we come up with another organization or idea that could use it. In this scenery I would think the facts that are missing is what does the foundations think knowing that there was more donated then expects. Are they let aware that there is an over payment and that there is a dilemma in the first place? Looking at what ideas they can come up with is to put all of it toward their original idea which is a wonderful idea because this is where they wanted to put the 10K to begin with. Or since they only budgeted that this organization for the $10,000 that we could also find another organization that could use it just as much. In this case if they change where they put it, they will want to make sure they let their investors and agencies know where their money is being donated. In either cases I would seek out for input, and that input would be to those that donated the money. I would explain that there was an over donation and ask if they would still like to donate to the original organization, or offer another one that is also in need of money and support. It is ultimately up to them seeing

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